What can we Schmoo for you?

What do we produce?

The tagline for our parent company IB5k is “We Build Social Media.” Schmooru.com is one child NOT rebelling against its parents! We take social media in the Schmooru sense to mean connecting the right mix of creative people together in order to build the right media for the job. That’s why we spend so much time connecting creative people in every state in the union and almost every continent in the world (we’re working on Antarctica but our cameras keep freezing).

Here is how it works:

Client calls/emails us and tells us what they need. Depending on the circumstances we offer three choices:

  1. Schmooru Networked Productions — We take down all the notes and put one of our project managers who assembles the right team to produce the media from start to finish to the client’s specifications.
  2. Schmooru Networked Connections — Schmooru curators put clients in touch with the best producer for the job. We handle all the billing/paperwork and make sure the clients are satisfied with us(cause if you don’t do good, we all don’t look good). Y’all take the rest of it from there.
  3. Schmooru Networked Posting — for a nominal fee, schmooru curators post your call out within our community and encourage it to get filled. This feature does not have the same personal touch as Networked Connections, but is a great feature for the budget conscious consumer.

Gimme Results! — What do you make out of this?

What we make is as big as your imagination can handle multiplied by the number of creatives in our network. This is compounded by the fact that most people don’t join Schmooru to do the same thing every day — our abilities are as diverse as our community, their interests and their many talents. (btw — we’ve got tons of people who know how to solve the rubric’s cube and many more who have taken in apart instead). Here are just some of the things SCHMOORU can DO for U:

  • Breaking News
  • Shoots of all shapes, sizes and locations
  • Pressers
  • Video Campaigns
  • Field Production
  • Feature Length Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Pilots

(we’re not tryin’ to do Birthdays, Weddings and Bar Mitzvas — but if they’re cool, you might be able to get a nod).