What’s all this Schmoo about?

Why Schmooru? — What’s in it for you? These are all good questions, but Schmooru is not like all your other social networks by design — we build things. In fact, “Together We Build Media.”

What’s different in particular?

Our mission…a creative cooperative of multimedia producers with the intention of advancing the causes of rebuilding media, stable employment and fulfilling work for all.

More specifically, we have goals that reflect our values…do you share them?

Mutually Beneficial Social Community of Creatives

Schmooru is a closed-community of the best creative producers who cooperatively seek the independence of freelance work, yet wish to collaborate on creative development and production.


We seek full and flexible, on-demand employment for all Schmooru producers whereever they find themselves plugged into our network. Though it is the goal of Schmooru curators to encourage and facilitate as much employment as possible for our community, this goal will never be achieved without the support and efforts of our entire community to seek out jobs and share them with their fellow producers. Seeking gigs and larger works is an ongoing priority of Schmooru — if this goal ceases to exist, so does Schmooru itself.

Schmooru Original Productions

Schmooru.com will not just react. We won’t just turn the crank. Ideas will form here and together through our various tools — mush will be made into a reality. Times are tough these days and if people aren’t still taking chances — who will be left to rise up from the ashes when the sun comes out again? Chronicled through our blog on the creative process SchmooNEWS, Schmooru will devote a great deal of resources towards the encouragement of creative producers to do what they do best: take chances, create, and feel free in doing so. We will work to find grants whenever possible to encourage a creative environment beyond producing the daily work that may be our bread and butter, but is not the cream we all strive for in our creative lives. Creative work and freedom with our art is what binds us. Otherwise, we would be hire filmic guns and mercenaries — and we all know we can make more money doing something else.

Media Production is a Profession

Put most simply, we are devoting our lives to this work because it takes time to develop these skills. Time is a limited resource and in many ways is all we have to offer. Schmooru intends to establish an understanding of how much work and time are worth for its membership. This won’t be all settled on day one or one-thousand — instead as we are all humans evolving with our different backgrounds, experiences and skills sets, so too will our understanding of your value to the community and to external clients mature. Sometimes its valuable to work without any pay, but on a challenging project you believe in or just something you need for your reel. Other times, its all about the money. In every case, producers at Schmooru need to have a feeling that they’re getting something out of it.

Since Schmooru is really just an empty strip mall without its talented people — it’s very important that you know who we are.

Our Clients

Let’s face it — everyone needs video these days and we have clients in every realm of quality level and industry. Schmooru’s curators have worked at major television networks, in the film industry and in the political/non-profit world and one thing’s for sure, their story ain’t ending like The Bridge over the River Kwai — we don’t burn bridges! (sic if I ruined it for you — if not just move on).

Our producers are often called to run to breaking news stories that erupt in their towns, non-profit missions to illustrate things that make our world a better place and just about anything these days that calls for video. What jobs we get depends on a few factors — the quality of your work, the quality of OUR work — and that mysterious creature which determines at any given moment when someone needs video of something that’s happening right next to you {cough cough, in Schmooru we trust}.

Right now we have working arrangements with the following types of clients:

  • Governments
  • Broadcast News Networks
  • Non-Profits
  • High-End New Media Film
  • Internet Video Networks
  • Commercial/Corporate

Our Producers

We’ve got ‘em all. From just entering the game to been there, done that — don’t go there it explodes too much! We need them all — the common thread of all Schmoorus as we curators like to call them — is that they come with a full tank of gas. If you’re the best, that energy will serve you well — if you’re the rest, with a great attitude and a willingness to work we can point you in the right direction. Above all else, everyone goes through our application process — it’s what binds us — and everyone stays because we’re all in this together (we build media..;).

Things We Are

  • Your friends
  • The place you always wanted to share that idea with to make it better
    (and not worry about someone stealing it)
  • Helpful
  • Human
  • This Schmooru is your Schmooru, this Schmooru is my Schmooru, from California to the New York Islands… this Schmooru was made for you and me…
  • In it for all the right reasons
  • Nice to everyone, producers and clients alike
  • Tryers — we keep trying over and over again and then after that, we try some more. It’s hard out there, not only these days, but every day you try to make a living doing this on your own, so we keep trying because we know you have to
  • Not a big HONKING thing — we intend to keep overhead to a minimum and pass whatever comes along to making us all better
  • Sort of like an ELKS HALL that leases space to a “guild”, but without that smell

Things We Aren’t

  • Neither LinkedIn for the creative class, nor “Facebook for Filmakers” — Schmooru is an organic living breathing thing that has to manifest itself on the internet because we all live too far away from each other
  • Our success is not based on the quantity of its members, but their quality
  • We are not your agent. Nor are we an agency.
  • We are not like the other guys/we don’t know who they are — if they’re already out there, we’re NEW and IMPROVED, if they’re coming soon, we were the first, the original, everyone else imitates us
  • We don’t need to be known to be successful — but our work does need to speak for itself so it can be successful